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Published: 04/02/2021

So what is Prostate Milking?

“Prostate milking” or “prostate massage” refers to the stimulation of the male prostate gland. This gland, which is sometimes referred to as the “P-spot” or “male G-spot” is a walnut-sized gland which is located inside the rectum. It’s not very deep into the rectum – it’s only a few inches inside.

The prostate is located between the penis and the bladder. This gland is essential to male sexual functioning, secreting a fluid which helps to protect your sperm. Coincidentally, it is also intrinsically linked to the male orgasm, and prostate massage has to potential to produce incredibly strong orgasms in men.

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The answer to that is No……Yes…….well maybe!

It’s a day to feast and spoil ourselves not just love-ones, whether you’re melting chocolate to sit like Bridget Jones or testing the temperature to pour all over their naked body, it’s about having fun, loving yourself, exploring yourself and here at Hello Pleasure we love exploring ourselves!

Though no one has pinpointed the exact origin of the valentine holiday, one good place to start is ancient Rome, where men hit on women by, well, hitting them.

From Feb 13th to 15th, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. The men sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals they had just slain. Sounds good to me!!!

Nowadays slaining animals is certainly not needed especially when you have Bound to Please whips in hand, beautifully crafted and sturdy enough to take a good flogging, this range is definitely made to please and be pleased.

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Ho Ho Ho, it’s a very Merry Christmas from Hello Pleasure

Your chance to win Hello Pleasures Luxury Christmas Hampers

Christmas is all about giving and receiving and here at Hello Pleasure our team love to give! That’s why we’ve teamed up with some amazing Brands to create 3 luxury hampers for our customers to win, all you have to do is place an order on our site and you will automatically be entered into our free Luxury Christmas Hamper Draw.

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Here at Hello Pleasure we wanted to explore Christmas Sex, whether you’re riding Santa’s sleigh solo, exploring couple play in front of the log fire, or simply eating pie under the tree, we have hints and tips for every Christmas Wishlist

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